MachBEE Nedir?

The motto of impeccable production, high efficiency and not second wasted in the production area… You can observe all these features in the unique life of bees. The lifestyle of the colonies is a source of inspiration and afflatus in every aspect of life. This lifestyle offers us the opportunity to go beyond the standards in production and work efficiency. While the beginning of this story was born from a magnificent business discipline, a technology that will allow us to make our production area more efficient in today's digital transformation journey; Invented MachBEE.

This software was developed by Turkish engineers in the light of high technology and scientific data renewed in 2018. The aim of MachBEE is to increase field efficiency in production. Just like bee colonies with a systematic and disciplined working system… The productivity and production time of each bee in a bee colony allow that the honeycomb that the whole colony will create together takes shape. The purpose of development of MachBEE is inspired from this point.

MachBEE enables an efficient working experience for all production area. It provides an uninterrupted and easy service in order to increase field efficiency in production. It provides greater visibility, information, and control. Thus, it makes it possible to measure the efficiency obtained from all time periods in production.

MachBEE starts with measuring all the machine and operator in the production area. Just as a bee meticulously manages and systematizes the production area, MachBEE also makes the production in your factory visible and makes it easier for you to coordinate. It guides you through your projects, thanks to the collection of all data in a single panel.

Bees have a flawless system. MachBEE has many talents like bees. It makes all the data critical for your production area meaningful to you. It makes all the data critical for your production area meaningful to you. It also guides you gradually to improve your production efficiency. First, the data you want to be used in your production area is integrated into MachBEE. In this way, the software begins the process of collecting data from your production machines. Just like a bee builds its honeycomb with a masterful craftsmanship, it first analyzes the system. Then, it makes production efficiency visible by reporting the data in the system.

Who is MachBEE?

The Purpose of MachBEE

The software makes instant machine-operator impressions for you. According to these impressions, it takes the periods of downtime, unplanned downtime, and planned downtime. The instant control system makes it possible to instantly monitor the working conditions of the machines with Andon screens located in the production area. The purpose of the system is to enable you to dominate the production efficiency by real-time monitoring. Each comb is built by the bees in the colony as part of a whole. Likewise, MachBEE increases production efficiency by analyzing the entire work area through a single panel.

The software makes both the machine and the operator visible in the production area with a detailed reporting. After the integration of MachBEE with the data in the production area, the data you need on the machine is collected in a single panel covering all the machines. Downtime, operation and product efficiency record, failure record is included in the report. In addition, data such as repair time and completion times by the operator are included in the detailed report. The aim of MachBEE is to increase production efficiency with an uninterrupted service and to analyze the work in the production area.

Who is MachBEE?

MachBEE's Goal

MachBEE; It is a software that covers machines, personnel, and the general production process. It aims to increase efficiency and early intervention in working times by reporting all the data in your production site for you. The software has an easy, uninterrupted system. You can control the entire system from a single panel or mobile.

MachBEE is inspired by the wonderful workings and natural yields of nature. It is a living system. Thanks to up-to-date data, it follows technological trends in the field of production. In this way, it offers you an uninterrupted service in all production areas independent of the sector.

Each prism in a honeycomb expresses the connection of each part in the production with each other. MachBEE also considers your production area. It analyzes and coordinates all the elements in it. The production efficiency you achieve with a clear perspective and makes the glitches in the system visible.

MachBEE offers you the opportunity to achieve superior efficiency by developing its unique inspiration from nature with knowledge and technology. The software has a continuous control mechanism. In addition, the system is your spotter and guide at your production site. Redefine production efficiency with MachBEE.