Data Collection from the Production Site

Thanks to MachBEE, all data collected at the production site is stored to increase work efficiency. Data storage directly affects your work efficiency.

Production Site

Thanks to its data collection feature, production site monitoring can be done instantly. Real-time monitoring provides tracking of work efficiency from a single panel.

Factory Performance and Efficiency Tracking

Production efficiency can be monitored through machine and operator control systems. In this way, factory performance evaluation become continuous.

Industry 4.0 Feedback

Industry 4.0 feedback; It provides that all systems in the production area work with interconnected, integrated, and intelligent hardware.

Loss and Gain Tracking in Production

MachBEE creates transparency in the production site. Continuous visibility of machine and operator data makes it possible to track loss and gain in production.

Correct Stock and Effective Efficiency

You can develop the right stock strategies by tracking the machine, operator, and work efficiency instantly. Instant follow-up provides you with the opportunity to interfere quickly.

Complete Domination with Real-Time Monitoring

You can instantly monitor the machine-operator on your production line, and get downtime, unplanned downtime, and planned downtime. You can control your production by real-time monitoring from all devices.